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Set of 3 Star Light Trees

Set of 3 Star Light Trees

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Enhance the ambiance of your space with the ULTREA SAVING Decorative Light Set. This versatile set includes three bendable branch lights, each in a different size, allowing you to create the perfect natural tree shape for any occasion. Here's why the ULTREA SAVING set stands out:

Flexible Branches: Each branch is bendable and can be reshaped as desired, providing a sturdy structure that supports various ornaments and decorations. Customize your display to match your unique style and preferences.

Energy Saving: Equipped with LED lights, this set offers the perfect balance of brightness and energy efficiency. With a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, you can enjoy long-lasting illumination without worrying about frequent replacements.

Safety Low Voltage: Safety is paramount. The ULTREA SAVING set comes with a UL certificated and waterproof adapter, featuring VI energy efficiency at a low 24 volts. This ensures safe and reliable use both indoors and outdoors.

Multi-functional Use: Whether it's for your home, shop, garden, or special events like Christmas, parties, weddings, and various festivals, the ULTREA SAVING Decorative Light Set adds a magical touch to any setting.

Transform your space with the ULTREA SAVING Decorative Light Set and experience the blend of functionality, safety, and elegance. Make every occasion shine with these flexible and energy-efficient LED branch lights.

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