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Meet RGB Tree Lights by Lightshare

Jul 21,2022 | LIGHTSHARE


"Are these tree lights color changing?  " "Do you have blue lights for the starlit tree?" These are the questions frequently asked by our customers. Now the answer is yes! Thanks to the RGB LED technology we are happy to announce that the RGB tree lights are here! RGB LED means red, blue and green LEDs. Our RGB LED tree lights combine these three colors to produce 16 hues of lights. The remote control make it easy to switch between colors, and it has the options for slow dimming, flashing, and more.

Lightshare is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the new technology! Whether you're planning to decorate a wedding or your own living room, our RGB Tree Lights Giveaway will provide you with the chance to win awesome decorative tree.

Rules and instructions below. Various ways to enter - The more ways you enter, the higher rate of winning.

RGB Tree Lights Giveaway

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